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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto the Print Folder system?
You logo onto the system using the unique username and password we have supplied you.

If you haven't received your login details or if you have forgotten them, simply email to request a reminder.

Can I change my password?
Yes, this can be done in the 'My Account' section of the website.

Can I add all my stores together for economies of scale?
Yes, this should automatically be set up for you. If you find you have a store missing from your list please email to request this addition.

Is the artwork on Print Folder ARB approved?
Yes. All artwork has either been formally signed off by the Subway Advertising Review Board (ARB) and/or the Subway National Marketing team.

How long does it take to get my order?
For standard items such as leaflets and posters, please allow 5-7 working days. For promotional items such as T-shirts, café barriers and flags, please allow 10 working days. You can check the status of your order in the 'My Account' section of the website. If you are planning a new store opening, birthday or anniversary, you should plan well in advance to ensure you receive all the items you require for the special day.

Can I change my delivery address?
Yes, you can have your item delivered to another store or home address if you wish. Simply edit the address on the checkout page, this can be different from your invoice address.

Can I request artwork not currently available on Print Folder?
Yes. If you can’t find approved artwork on Print Folder that suits the unique circumstances of your store or your marketing objectives, artwork can be specifically be created for you. You will be charged a competitive rate for the creation of your own artwork. However, see below..

I've got a great idea for a promotion, what do I do?
If you have a great idea that you would like to share, just send us the details. If we think it would be useful to all other franchisees, we'll produce the necessary artwork for FREE. Once approved by Subway ARB, it can be added to Print Folder for everyone to use. Please email with your ideas.

How am I kept up to date with new assets?
You will be sent an email on a regular basis with all the latest promotions, ideas and campaigns. Alternatively, please check the 'What's New' section on Print Folder when you log in.

The regional Print Folder Allowance
On particular pages of Print Folder, you will see reference to a Print Folder Allowance. This is an allocation of money that certain Regional Boards have agreed to give to each store to spend on the system.

I receive a Print Folder Allowance from my regional Board, can I spend over the total?
Yes. If your order total is greater than your remaining allowance, you can pay the difference through our secure online payment system (World Pay from RBS). If you have used up your allowance, orders can still be placed and paid in full via our secure online payment system. The current balance of an allocation is displayed at the bottom left of the page, under the My Account heading.

My regional Board does not provide a Print Folder Allowance:

Can I download artwork from Print Folder?
If your Regional Board does not give a Print Folder Allowance to franchisees, you still have access to the system for printed promotional material or downloads on a Pay Per Download basis. The cost of downloading the artwork is shown next to the asset.

How do I download artwork?
Instructions on how to download artwork from Print Folder are clearly displayed on the system. If you are still having difficulty please email

Does the artwork become mine?
No. The artwork available is for your use for your store only and cannot then be stored, distributed or made available to any other 3rd parties. Your artwork is stored by Hunter Johnstone so that reprints can be organised in the future. (Please see Terms and Conditions).

Can I have the original layered artwork files?
No. It is Subway® policy that we do not release any layered files for franchisees' use.

Can I use a local printer?
Yes, if you prefer to organise the print of your material yourself, you can download the artwork and use a local printer. Alternatively, you can order the print from the Print Folder at the price shown.

Can't find the answer to your question?
Please email us at with your question, one of our staff will be happy to assist.
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